Thursday, January 15, 2009

SBL - 6 degrees on the back porch 

Reading 6 degrees on the back porch.
Q: Is Obama reversing global warming even before he is inaugurated on January 18 20? How long can he keep it up? Will a warming trend slow down Obama's efforts to deliver a lasting deep freeze and a return to a cool wet spring or will Al Gore pressure him to raise temperatures dramatically soon after taking office? Will a summer wave of stifling hot air roll over the nation in July of 2009 and unleash an infestation of parasitic super-mites that will spread a rare sarcoptic mange that will feed only on David Brooks? Will the width of Bill Kristol's ass finally exceed his height and change the way the world makes chairs? Will Dick Cheney burrow into the hot scorched earth to lay it's greasy eggs and wait for a new brood to emerge? Why does Roger Simon of Politico.com always remind me of Floyd the barber from the old Andy Griffith Show?


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