Friday, January 16, 2009

Goodbye and Good Riddance 

George W. Bush, you condemnable addlebrained purulent flunk. If there is such a thing as hell you and that sallow malignancy Richard Cheney should be confined to it. To a creep feeder in hell. And each hellish afternon hosed down with pigwash. And every hellish evening left to fall asleep, biting each other, on a pullulating bed of chattering flesh-fly larvae.

And every morning, at the scissure of a hellish dawn, under a blood red sun, a talking nanny goat will present itself at your crib side and deliver aloud the following brief memento mori to your ugly renditions:

"This troubled sect taversed slowly the ground under the bluff where the watcher stood and made their way over the broken scree of a fan washed out of the draw above them and wailing and piping and clanging they passed between the granite walls into the upper valley and disappeared in the coming darkness like heralds of some unspeakable calamity leaving only bloody footprints on the stone."

So go the fuck away. Shove-off down whatever dry hell-hole you wriggled from in the first place. And take that foul viscid helminth Dick Cheney with you.

And don't neither of ya come back.


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