Wednesday, November 19, 2008

SBL radio funnies 

This is fun: KPFT Notes / WTF Was That?
KPFT is a Pacifica radio network station in Houston, Texas.

Some of the contributions in comment thread are classics. Case in point

I have listened to many of the online PUMA “blogcasts,” as a kind of sick, masochistic hobby. For the most part, they are disorganized, technically inept yak-fests that leave the listener feeling as though he or she is a teleptahic voyeur in an asylum filled with aging, disappointed cast-offs from the high school Prom Committee.

This show was different, though, in that it was the first time the PUMAs ever faced an audience that wasn’t drawn from their own insular, hermetically sealed, tail-chasing community of political conspiracy addicts and Aggrieved Warrior Women. Worse (for them) the audience was composed of politically-aware listeners who were expecting slick, snarky satire or — at least — some semblance of informed dialogue. Regular KPFT tuners, I’m sure, were shocked to find their regular programming replaced with the audio equivalent of “The Blair Witch Project,” as performed by Alex Jones and the ghost of John Birch in drag, under the direction of Eulalie Mackechnie Shinn and channeled by Madame Blavatsky.

Drowning-from-the-outset host “Jennifer” opened the show with a quavering nonsense declaration that sounded for all the world as though it were being read at gunpoint by a bank-robbery hostage. She somehow maintained that verge-of-panic tone through the remainder of the hour, although — thankfully — she was able to avoid blurting out some of her more fiery online rhetoric, as in her recent post at Lynette Long’s blog declaring that she would like to “shoot the cock off” any man who lays a hand on a woman.

The rest is history, and pure comedy gold. “Jennifer” and her guest (the nominal “leader” of the PUMA movement, as if such a thing were possible) relentlessly stonewalled a legion of polite, knowledgeable callers with rapid-fire overtalk, breathless call-dumps and the blanket insistence that anyone who disagreed with them — man or woman, and regardless of their own intimate knowledge of issues or the mechanics of the Texas caucuses — was a dumb dootie-head.

I laughed my butt off. And I would only caution the staff of The Other Side that they could face serious competition should KPFT decide to run a weekly “PUMA-Toon Amateur Crazy Hour.” When reality becomes parody, why pay for it? PUMAs will humiliate themselves for free, and you don’t have to fill out the AFTRA paperwork.

OneWithLandru 17 Nov 08 at 1:28 pm


Uh oh! Some guy named "goofsdad" (who, presumably, had the good sense to name his child "goof") is on the radio with someone who said someone has spied Barack Obama's "original" birth certificate in "the vault" in Hawaii. And it's from Mombassa (with two s's) Kenya!

BrianH 11.18.08 at 11:44 pm

Just listened to goofsdad’s broadcast, last portion, and someone there said a contact title lawyer in Hawaii had seen the original BC in the vault, and it was from Mombassa, Kenya, and had only Dunham’s signature on it.


Probably "the vault" in Hawaii where they keep Captain Cook's skull and the secrets of the Seven Bridges of Manoa and the powdery remains of the hula goddess Hi'iaka's oviparous birth egg (which was originally carried from Tahiti, with two t's, by sister Pele and had only Haumea's signiture on it since Kane Milohai, Pele's goofy dad, threw her out of Tahiti, along with the unhatched egg with Hi'iaka riding inside). Haumea, Hi'iaka and Pele's mom, was eventually killed by some swindler named Kaulu - who is no relation to - and should not be confused with - Kahlua the god of Mexican coffee flavored liqueur.


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