Tuesday, November 25, 2008

picture 4 and 5 

The game goes something like this: pick the fourth picture in your "my pics" folder and post it. The first pic above is the fourth pic in my "my pics folder". But, thing is, it (the 4th pic in my "my pics folder") is an exact duplicate of the 3rd pic in my "my pics folder." Which I believe is a pic of Mike and Carmen in PR! Or it might be a secret surveillance photo of Barack Obama's mother purchasing a forged birth certificate from Steve McGarrett - a corrupt Hawaiian Five-O law enforcement official - in 1962.

McGarrett, and several of his co-conspirators, would go on to star in a popular crime fighting tv show several years later. But the secret Obama birth certificate forgery episode was never aired and is not included with the DVD retrospective release of the series.

I have hired a retired attorney from Las Vegas who is filing paperwork in New Jersey demanding that the Supreme Court of the United States release this never before aired episode. Which will prove that Steve McGarrett provided Barack Obama's mother with a falsified birth certificate in 1962. Which means that Barack Obama is not really a natural born citizen of the United States and can not be the president. And because of that Hillary will be our next president for some reason or another which I will explain in my next "scary smart" post that I will write when I have drank some more bourbon more details.

So, where was I, the second pic (in this post) is actually the 5th pic in my "my pics folder" and is included here because I figured the 4th pic in my "my pics folder" shouldn't count since it is actually just a duplicate of the 3rd pic in my "my pics folder". See what I mean. Sure.

If you would like to play this game too I will provide you with additional directions to the secret instructions available online where you can learn more about how to play. Avaliable upon request. Otherwise, i suspect you have better things to do.

Like sending me money. So I can pay my lawyer in Las Vegas. You can send me money (hopefully, lots of it too) by leaving a message in the comment thread below indicating that you would like to give me your money (or valuable stuff). One of my accountants or economic advisers or relatives (probably my brother in law, who is a very large scary looking person covered with hair and used to be a roadie for the Roling Stones) will come to your house and get the money. You can leave it on the front porch (i would advise that) in a durable waterproof sack with the words "my folder" scrawled across the front of it.

Then again, you can just contribute to the Hoover's Farm Tobacco Fund by contributing a pack of cigarettes to an orphanage.


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