Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bill Buckley's Wake of the Bounty 

Behold upon the swelling seas
With streaming pennants gay
Our gallant ship invites the waves,
While glory leads the way

What's up with the smiley guy in the tangerine necktie (second from the left)? He looks like he spent the afternoon laying around on a deck chair smoking toad venom. But anyway... K-Lo says:

But here’s what you need to know: The reason we do these cruises is they bring in money. It’s another fundraiser. And rather than tanning in the Bahamas, we do work — panels, interviews, dinner, lunch, and other discussions.

Yes, we do panels. That's toilsome unmerciful work. Just ask Joe the Paneler. Hmmm, I see. Although, most panelers eat lunch first and then dinner later. At least that is what I have been told. With interviews and other discussions scheduled post-desert and/or during drunken trailer sailor gunkhole couch rafting time.

Ya don't say. And real Americans do this? Oh yes. Especially while cruising above the equator. If you cruise below the equator you eat dinner first and then lunch and then "other" stuff and then you smoke some toad venom in the corner or on a deck chair and then you throw up in the stateroom toilet and it's all flushed away backwards. Because that's just the way it goes. Doh, wait till I tell mother about this! Hahaha [chuckles all around].

I can't wait until we drop anchor in Oblivion.

full salty hilarity at Sadly, No


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