Saturday, October 18, 2008

SBL open thread 

reminiscence: Pat Buchanan's 2000 Reform Party running mate, Ezola Foster, was a spokesperson for the John Birch Society.

After the Fall; Foster and the American Independence Party:
Ezola Foster recently announced that she was joining the American Independent Party, a remnant of segregationist Alabama Gov. George Wallace's independent presidential campaign in 1968.

The American Independent Party wants to abolish federal income taxes, pull the United States out of the United Nations, and protect America from an international conspiracy to make it join a "one-world socialist government."

Today the party only exists in California, where it has, remarkably, over 300,000 supporters, or 2% of the state's registered voters. But the American Independent Party does have a national affiliation with an organization called the Constitution Party. ("I'm a Constitutionalist," Foster explained, "and it's the only party that recognizes the kingship of Jesus Christ. I'm 100% for that.") ~ [SPLC

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