Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Behold, for the ear-trumpet shall sound; 

And he shall prepare himself to the battle.

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Lately, I keep hearing about "The Religious Left" (in the context that they are some kind of fringe equivalent to "The Religious Right"). I heard it on Cable TV Nooze. So, what exactly is "The Religious Left"?:
The most common religious viewpoint which might be described as 'left wing' is social justice, or care for the poor. Supporters of this might encourage universal health care, generous welfare, subsidized education, foreign aid and government subsidized schemes for improving the conditions of the disadvantaged. Stemming from egalitarian values, adherents of the Christian left consider it part of their religious duty to take actions on behalf of the oppressed. As nearly all major religions contain some kind of requirement to help others, social justice has been cited by various religions as in line with their faith.

The Christian Left holds that social justice, renunciation of power, humility, forgiveness, and private observation of prayer (as opposed to publicly mandated prayer)[clarify] are mandated by the gospel. The Bible contains accounts of Jesus repeatedly advocating for the poor and outcast over the wealthy, powerful, and religious. The Christian Left maintains that such a stance is relevant and important. Adhering to the standard of "turning the other cheek", which they believe supersedes the Old Testament law of "an eye for an eye", the Christian Left often hearkens towards pacifism in opposition to policies advancing militarism. Wiki link

Oh, now I get it. That makes sense since "The Religious Right" holds that social privilege, deification of power, pridefulness, ruthlessness, and public displays of prayer are mandated by the Bible.

And hearkening "towards pacifism in opposition to policies advancing militarism" is the equivalent of hearkening toward treason in support of policies advancing appeasement.

Clearly, the Amish hate America.

Just you remember that the next time you are slopping dried beef gravy over your toast or munching out on a Butterscotch pie! You "Christian Left" traitors!


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