Monday, July 28, 2008

thank god it's monday 

dr s has a questionaire up and running. I could never answer it - I wouldn't know where to start or end... but if you'd like to contribute to the effort go check it out. It's one of those what's your favorite song and who's your favorite band - or not - and so on - kind of surveys.

Here is a video of the late Clarence Gatemouth Brown playing Okie Dokie Stomp (with some anoying interview with somebody at the end). This is the kind of thing (not the interview at the end) I would endorse in dr. s's survey if I had the patience and to do so. Plus, Clarence Gatemouth Brown played a fiddle, bridging country, blues, as well as rock and roll genres, which impresses me a lot. But I am a card carrying ya-hoo... so I'm easily impressed. So here ya go, Okie Dokie Stomp:

Kick that off your Blatz truck John! I dare ya, I dubble dare ya!

John has a post about - among other subjects - Lionel Loueke. Here below is a video of Loueke describing his craft. And making art look easy. If you can do what Loueke is doing while sitting around at home watching CNN in your underpants then you probably shouldn't be disappointed. And you should probably also put on a nuther pair of pants and go on tour. Or something. Unless you are extremely wealthy. In which case you can afford to sit around in you underpants, watching CNN, and being completely delighted with yourself.

Lionel Loueke, bridging jazz, wah-wah pedal and African folk traditions:

On the other hand, if you are simply interested in purchasing an eight ball and a bottle of sugarcane Aguardiente and spending a sunny "free creative" Saturday afternoon chasing cocktail waitresses in sassy sarongs around a chlorine enhanced swimming pond (personally, I can't see any reason not to) - well, Slacktone "Blast Bolero" is what you are listening to:

I will have you know that I have extensive experience in each of these disciplines. Limited almost entirely to sitting around in my underpants, watching CNN, with a 99 cent bag of ice, a bottle of Evan Williams, two homosexual labrador retrievers, and a cheap Takamine cutaway that I hack on with a Quahog shell. Which is why I'm afraid to fill out dr s's survey. The rest of you are on your own.


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