Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Assholiated Press 


Who put the ass in the Associated Press?

Hey, maybe this guy (SEE: Fair Use And The Associated Press):
Jim Kennedy, VP and Director of Strategy for AP,...

If I were Mr. Jimbo Kennedy, AP/VP/of Strategeree, I'd take my Director Ship and sail it back to whatever happy harbor it came from before it sinks to the bottom of the Information River like some kind of leaky hopper barge.

So, fuck the AP and the ass windy yawl they sailed in on. Why should anyone link to the Associated Press anyway? What makes the AP some kind of credible source of information in the first place? Huh? Why, because they are some big shot company with a lot of employees? That somehow makes them credible? Yeah, well... Enron was a big shot company with a lot of employees too. Many of whom were liars and swindlers and criminals. And look where they are now.

And you can quote me on that as long as you pay for it first.

UPDATE - Followup: Atrios/Eschaton alt.sexy.associated.pressgoats.


“I am aware of all internet spirits.” ~ anonymous vanderloon

More on the AP idiots (Kos):
The dinosaurs at the AP think they know what the "spirit of the internet" is, and they claim it has nothing to do with copying pieces of information from other sources for purposes of criticism, education, or parody.

David Ardia at PBS' MediaShift Idea Lab examines the AP's claims and finds them legally lacking. They are. Without a doubt. Which is why I feel comfortable taunting them at the top of this page.

The AP started this off with legal threats and lawyerly nastygrams. While not "destructive hyperbole," it was, you know, "destructive." As in, we're going to sue you and take your bank account. That's a bit more nasty than, you know, calling them goatblowers. People who lack legal teams are responding the way they can, by ratcheting up the rhetoric.


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