Monday, May 12, 2008

Unitas Fratricidium 

The HUSSIANS are coming!
The HUSSIANS are coming!

(photo: AP)

This doesn't bode well for the Protestants of the small village of Logan:
The Unity of the Brethren (Czech: Jednota bratrska, Latin: [[Unitas Fratrum]], also known as Czech or Bohemian Brothers or Brethren) is a Christian denomination whose roots are in the pre-reformation work of Jan Hus, who was martyred in 1415.


The reforms of Jan Hus, which included providing the Scriptures to the people in their own language, and that both elements of communion should be available to the people, were popular with the Czech people, but met extreme opposition from church authorities. Hus was executed, but his teachings led to the formation of the Hussite movement. One of the later branches of the hussitism was also Unity of the Brethren. The roots of this radical and pacifistic stream within the early reformation movement go back to 1457 in a small village called Kunvald near Zamberk, on Litice lordship of George Podiebrad, in the North-East part of Bohemia.

Unity of the Brethren? - Misogynists!

From Bohemia! Ain't that filled with them Bohemians? And ain't they part of that nefarious creative class:
Additional to these two main groups of creative people, the usually much smaller group of Bohemians are also included in the Creative class.

EEKS - Arugula Smoking Acid Heads!

!!!!! To the muskets! Man the crossbows! Fetch the flails! !!!!!

Great heaving breast plates of original light!:
Joan of Arc's Letter to the Hussites (23 March 1430) — In 1430, Joan of Arc dictated a letter threatening to lead a crusading army against the Hussites unless they returned to "the Catholic Faith and the original Light". This link contains a translation of the letter plus notes and commentary.

Montani semper liberi


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