Thursday, May 01, 2008


samples a new gimmick

"the Goldilocks":
Clinton added, "You know, Sen. Obama says we shouldn't do it and it's gimmick. And Sen. McCain says we should do it but shouldn't pay for it. I sometimes feel like the Goldilocks of this campaign. Not too much, not too little, just right. And I think we should have a gas tax holiday and pay for it."

I'll sneak into your house, eat your food, break your furniture, and send you the bill later.

Wiki entry:
The story tells of three anthropomorphic bears and their encounter with a young girl called Goldilocks (after her golden hair).

A family of three bears (a mother, a father, and a cub) live in a quite civilized house in the woods. One day, waiting for their porridge to cool, they leave the house unlocked as they go for a walk in the woods. While they are out, Goldilocks comes to the house. Curious, she enters and meddles with the bears' belongings, sampling their porridge (eating all of the baby's), sitting on their chairs (breaking the baby's), and then trying out their beds (falling asleep in the baby's). Every member of the bear family has their own unique chair, porridge, and bed, which have unique characteristics. The exact adjectives differ from story to story, but generally the father and mother's beds and chairs are "too hard" and "too soft" and their porridges are "too hot" and "too cold", with the baby bear's porridge, chair, and bed being "just right". Goldilocks is still asleep in the baby's bed when the bears return home. They wake her up, and depending on the decision of the story-teller, either kill her or scare her away.

Well, that didn't end well. Maybe she should just stick with rifling the coffee machines at the convenience store.

4 National Day of Prayer
Have you prayed for your authority figure today?

“I was privileged before I came in to meet with a group of ministers who prayed with me. And I am very grateful for that,” she said. “I am obviously sustained and strengthened every day by my faith. But it is important that we all recognize that praying for our country, praying for those in positions of authority, is something that people of faith are really called upon to do." ~ First Read / MSNBC

God save the Queen "rich people".

"rich people, God bless us, we deserve all the opportunities to make sure our country and our blessings continue to the next generation." ~ Hillary Clinton, interview with Bill O'Reilly, O'Reilly Factor Video Clip


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