Friday, April 11, 2008

Airsickness Bag 

That shifty tan-in-a-can cockalorum Mark Green had better come to his senses pretty quick-like and hand the airborne cockpit controls over to Sam Seder or else his Air America Radio flyer rattletrap is gonna find itself pinned to a tarmac in Torpor with him and all his tawny baggage and fawning Hillary Inc. boosteroos stranded on board without a bag of peanuts to piss in.

Randi Rhodes is now with NOVA M (where everyone else is) except for Seder. And Sam Seder is the best thing Air America still has going for it and they still haven't given him back his own daily show.

Here's an audio/video clip of Randi Rhodes talking to Marc Maron (another former Air America pilot) about her previous ongoing contract dispute with AA and -- Rhodes had been talking on air about leaving AA prior to -- her suspension related to the flapdoodle surrounding her stand-up comedy routine comments.

Put Sam Seder on the daily Air America schedule now. Just do it.

Or crash and burn and wait for flybiddy McCain and all his barbeque sauced media lapdogs to show up and suck the geasy marrow from your decomissioned junkyard bones.


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