Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Dittohead Carcass 

The creaky, screaky, pitching and lurch - the grating guttural bray and burr of a foundering bilge - Rush Limbaugh, fleet admiral and nymphalid butterfly to the Reagan Coalition, moans and croaks and flaps about the splintering bulkheads of the flagship "Majority Maker".

We take you now to the rocky shoals of Cape Girardeau, where it all began, where the flamboyant mutimillionaire royal poinciana of Wingnut showbizz celebrity blowhard radio roils and roars and churns among the rolling waves of a tempestuous political sea:
"The Reagan coalition is not breaking up," he said defensively. "The Reagan coalition is going in different directions because there isn't anybody from the Reagan coalition in the Republican roster of nominees.....Those of us in the Reagan coalition have not lost anything." - The Base Has Fractured.

To the wing dingey!! The McCain Mutiny is underway... and the rats are scurrying for the main topgallant! And that's no place for a five hundred pound jumbo shrimp and rigatoni stuffed drug addict from landlocked Missouri - with three failed marriages (ditto, ditto, ditto) and a Pilonidal cyst - whooooze idea of scampering for higher ground is mooring himself to a table at Patsy's in Manhattan.

More on this harrowing tale of survival from Digby at the good ship Hullabaloo: Boo Hoo.

G In 1994 the incoming GOP members of Congress (dubbed the "Dittohead Caucus") christened Limbaugh the "Majority Maker".


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