Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Swampland Follies 

Like watching a python swallow a swamp beaver...

Time magazine refused to publish responses to Klein's false smears
The disgraceful behavior of Time Magazine in the Joe Klein scandal has been well-documented. But new facts have emerged that reveal that Time's behavior was far worse than previously thought.

First, Sen. Russ Feingold submitted a letter to Time protesting the false statements in Klein's article. But Time refused to publish it. Sen. Feingold's spokesman said that the letter "was submitted to TIME very shortly after Klein's column ran but the letters department was about as responsive as the column was accurate." [continued at link]

...in slow motion.



Greenwald / Salon.com:
(2) Time has advised Sen. Russ Feingold that they intend to publish his Letter to the Editor in the next print edition. On a related note, Radar Online's John Cook examines Joe Klein, the Time scandal and the blogosphere's general interaction with both [Joe, Schmo Blowhard Time pundit sings a song of himself.

From the John Cook Radar Online story Joe, Schmo; Blowhard Time pundit sings a song of himself:
In a bizarre and revealing podcast that Time posted on Swampland as a companion to the column, Klein railed wildly against the insolence of those who dared to criticize his reporting, repeating four times that he'd been doing this for 38 years, which is apparently long enough to have earned the right to be wrong without people hassling you about it. In the space of 10 minutes, he bragged about how he "[hasn't] called the White House in years" to deflect criticism that he spouts the Administration's line, and then criticized Greenwald for failing to call him. Referring to the Harman error, Klein said, "[T]his is a war we're talking about, and I don't really care about these stupid little details. ... The important thing here was my feeling that voting against the war funding was a bad idea." As with the FISA column, the way Klein felt was important; the factual error he made in advancing his argument was a stupid little detail.

What fun. I can't wait for the BIG TIME WOTY issue. So neither can you.


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