Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Sucker Posse Rides Again! 

There's a new mangler... i mean lawman!, heh... lawman, in town. Deputy DiFi and Hop-a-long Chuck help pin a badge on the new sheriff.

For the record:
On an 11-8 vote, with two Democrats joining all nine Republicans, the committee sent President George W. Bush's nomination of Mukasey to the full Democratic-led Senate for virtually assured confirmation. The vote could come late this week.


The two committee Democrats who voted for Mukasey were Charles Schumer of New York, who had suggested Bush nominate him as attorney general, and Dianne Feinstein of California.

Eveyone sing-along with the Sucker Posse: Yooo can trust the bar to the man who wears the star... the big bright TortureCo star!

In the full Senate, all 49 Republicans and at least half of the 51-member Democratic caucus are expected to vote for him, Democratic party aides said.

Mangler Mukasey will face a high-noon full Senate showdown vote sometime next week [!]; where it is expected he will be presented with a pair of shiny new jingle bobs, two ivory handled Colt-45s, and enough hoolihan loop to corral Patrick Leahy. Following the Senate roundup - including the usual glad-handing and flowery extolments on the value of civility and bi-partisan leadership - reverent whoopty-doos to freedom and justice and D-Mocracy and Jesus Christ and so forth... General Mukasey will be vaulted into his freshly oiled saddle by the Village idiots and posed for the benefit of the townsfolk against the backdrop of a glorious new unspoiled horizon.

Following that, eveyone is invited to ride out to the edge of town to help bust up the Ron Paul gang's 2 million dollar molasses and moonshine still. Maybe simulate a good old timeylike stockwhippin' on a couple sinister lookin' strangers along the road too. Just for the God-fearin' simulated hell of it. Or whatever...


[!] Mukasey confirmation vote (Nov 08, 11:30pm):
yes - 53
No - 40


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