Tuesday, September 19, 2006

whores for sale! 

CNN - the Campfollower News Network

FOXNewzi. Don't they just make it too easy to see a cockeyed right-tipped swastika in that 'X'.

MSNBC (what kind of gibberish is this?.) - Honestly, aside from Olbermann being on it, who really gives a fuck?


FCC Scandal Explodes with Second Revelation of Suppressed Media Ownership Research by Robert W. McChesney:

Kevin Martin now has been tasked by the Bush administration to do the job his predecessor couldn't: Eliminate the restrictions on local media ownership so the big media firms, like Tribune, Sinclair, News Corp., Clear Channel, Gannett, Belo and Media General, -- which have been so supportive of the Bush administration -- could build local monopolies by gobbling up most of the media in communities around America.


> The Greatest Story Ever Sold, by Frank Rich. Reviewed by Ian Buruma. See: Theater of War (NYTimes Sunday Book Review).


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