Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Four Points in Meridan 

Lamont - 52%
Lieberman - 48%

Do the math. i dunno who selected the Four Points Sheraton (Meriden CT) for the Ned Lamont victory party dancehall location but, hey, nicely done. Even if the exterior drive does resemble the entrance to a hospital emergency room (healthcare is, afterall, an important issue.)

On the other hand, the Lieberman campers selected the Goodwin Hotel in Hartford for their campaign's ultimate sulking ground. Which [The Goodwin building] looks like something adapted from a Bram Stoker vampire story - if ya ask me - and probably even boasts recently renovated torture chambers on the sub-ground level. The Alberto Gonzales Grill and Grotto perhaps? I shudder to think. But what-ever. (BTW: All good hotel advertisements are required to emphasize a recently renovated something or other. Thats just the way it is.) In any event, the Goodwin didn't work out to be as good and symbolically win friendly afterall - and so (sniffing present danger on the winds of change) the NeoJoe Indy Show and entourage will be checking out first thing in the mornin' - fleeing Esau - and hitting the low road in search of more suitable independent accomodations. Is there a Pillar Stone Last Chance Motel available somewhere near Bethel? We'll see. Joe's people are working on it.


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