Friday, July 28, 2006

open stage 

I liked this Sirota column (from Working for Change, via Common Dreams.org) so i'm submitting the link below.
Dem's "Free" Trade Zealots Change Their Tune by David Sirota.

If you have a good link (reading suggestion) that you'd like to submit for open stage just leave it in comments and i'll try to post it here asap. (assuming its not one of those FoxNoiseBot spam-link entries.)

Otherwise, random observations can be entered below (comment thread) as usual (or unusual, as the case may be).

4 Friday July 28 - John McKay in Seattle:
Someone just shot up the offices of the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle. As of this moment, the official word is that five people were wounded and a sixth killed in the attack. The gunman is an American citizen, Muslim from the Tri-Cities (that's the area around the Hanford nuclear reservation, about 250 miles from Seattle). Police still have the area, about four miles from my house, locked down while they make sure there are no other gunmen or victims. By the time there are more details, I'm sure it will be well covered on the national news and you won't need me to tell you what's happening. [ continued at archy ] + [ update]


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