Sunday, January 22, 2006

thrilling storm thread 

freakish snowstorm to interupt global warming efforts. Yeah, sure. we'll see. wait-n-see what develops...

still waiting for the approaching whiteout. nothing so far. but i have reason (intelligence information) which leads me to suspect it's out there - looming in the dark. by daylight everything will have changed. hooked up the sled dogs (see photo above) just in case i have to journey in to town for a dirty magazine and a six pack of snapple. i'm hoping for a big one. you know what i mean. perhaps 3-4 feet of heavy wet snow. just like the storms we used to have back in the late 20th century. then, tomorrow, i'll construct 20 or 30 terror snowmen in my backyard and stalk them with my silent snow angel of death 40-cal bunker buster paintball blowgun. take that glazed ice fascist! swoosh-thwack! and i'll pounce from atop a snow drift and stab the coal-black dead-eyed bastard in the neck with a gator2 guthook knife. or snipe at the buggers from behind a pine tree with my replica 1858 walnut stock 44 caliber cattleman's carbine.

what else is there to do on a snow day?


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