Monday, October 03, 2005

Miers is a "Third Rate" Legal Mind 

Just talked to a very pro-Bush legal type who says he is ashamed and embarrassed this morning. Says Miers was with an undistinguished law firm; never practiced constitutional law; never argued any big cases; never was on law review; has never written on any of the important legal issues. Says she's not even second rate, but is third rate. Dozens and dozens of women would have been better qualified. Says a crony at FEMA is one thing, but on the high court is something else entirely. Her long history of activity with ABA is not encouraging from a conservative perspective--few conservatives would spend their time that way. In short, he says the pick is “deplorable.” There may be an element of venting here, but thought I'd pass along for what it's worth. It's certainly indicative of the mood right now...
(via Kevin's Blog)
And that's a conservative talking. That's from a blog post from Rich Lowry over at the National Review Online.

I think Bush has managed to hack off everybody with this pick. That's quite an achievement, W old boy. Miers is a hack folks. She's just a partisan hack. It's actually a perfect appointment from this cronyfied administration. It's perfectly emblematic of the problem with this administration. It's never been about qualifications or competence, it's about loyalty.

BTW, isn't W about to run out of yes men and yes women to appoint to jobs? I keep thinking he's appointed every last close friend, family friend, political friend, or even distant loyal acquaintance of his to a job.

But then he appoints another one -- each one less impressive than the last.

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