Friday, September 23, 2005

Want My Vote? Getcher Ass to DC 9-24! 

Today's Esteemed Mr. Froomkin column in the WaPo has the nicely succinct summary of Events As They Stand Now:
A recent Gallup Poll , for instance, found that 63 percent of Americans -- almost two out of three -- support the immediate partial or complete withdrawal of U.S. troops. Fewer than one in three Americans support Bush's handling of the war.

The White House, so aware of the power of staying on message, can take some solace from the fact that the antiwar movement is deeply conflicted, lacks clear leadership, and is being kept at arm's length by many top Democrats.
I will concede that up to now this latter item may have been an excellent strategy. The war is just plain fucking wrong whether you're a Dem, Rep, Ind, Soc, Lib, Grn, PinkoComSymp, or Party To Be Named Later. Only the most dyed-in-the-koolaid even still holds to the rapidly-shredding fantasy that "it was a swell idea that was executed poorly, we can still turn it around." (yeah, I am lookin' at chew, Mr. Kerry--I gagged on that line during the campaign but played along. See how well THAT worked out, eh?)

To the point: The person I am going to vote for for President in '08 will be at the March On Washington on Saturday. This person does not have to speechify or make any orations--but this person will have his or her boots on the ground, be they Ferragamos or Birkenstocks or Fryes or whatever.

I have no idea who this person is as yet. I don't even know what party they're from. But just for the record, I will vote for a Republigoddamican who is in the March Against War before I vote for another Dem who "plays it safe" while the killing's still going on.

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