Monday, September 12, 2005

That Time of Year Begins, Much To Do... 

The harvest is in, except for the pumpkins. Temperatures beginning to hit the upper 30’s and low 40’s means it won’t be long before the pumpkins are due. Canning and drying and baking time. All of this means you can’t go fifty miles in any direction without seeing folks selling bread and corn (roasted or not) and squash of every kind, and root crops, jams, and…

Just a gentle reminder that harvest time has traditionally been a time to come together, share, try to make a little money for the winter, gossip, exchange thoughts and politics, usually around a pickup truck or a booth at a fair or a community potluck. And pool up and send extra to those who need it.

I guess what I’m saying is back on the old hobby horse I’ve been riding:

--Support your local food producers

--Change hearts and minds one at a time, over time, as appropriate (whether at work or play, use the right tools for the job)

--If you’ve got extra, give it to them who don’t

--Use opportunities like harvest time to organize (there’ll be plenty of time over the winter to brood alone with book)

There’s a woman I know whose friends say that she’s trying to change the world one quilting bee at a time. She says that’s the only way she knows how. That, and her homemade jam, which I always buy too much of. A gentle, loving soul who still idolizes FDR. Although she does keep a shotgun in her truck. Nothing makes her angrier than the idea that anybody is poor, cold or hungry. Lawd help the corporate fatcat-turned politico who runs into her talking about a Plan for America who hasn’t given away homemade quilts or jam. Although she has never said it, picture a woman who grew up during the depression gently but firmly holding a shotgun on Dick Cheney, while he frantically learns how to put a quilt together.

Heh. Gotta go check the still. (Personal consumption only.)

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