Monday, September 05, 2005

Some-whEEER, Under the Radar.... 

What's that fascist gangster enterprise we call "BushCo" pulling off while all our attention is on the Katrina disaster? We know for damn sure they're not putting any attention into that, except to lie, bluster, make false claims, divert blame and otherwise put all their efforts into the one project that matters to them, preserving and extending their power and looting the treasury to their benefit.

How's Plamegate coming along, Mr. Rove? Anybody heard from that little expeditionary force in Iraq lately? Who's in charge of ginning up more sympathy for tax cuts for the filthy rich (latest excuse: we need it to stimulate the economy, I guess so the FR can hire more refugees as house and field servants.)

You can no doubt think of more issues which seemed dreadfully important a week and a half ago, (damn, I almost forgot the no-voting-machines-without-paper-trails issue!) which we have dropped as unimportant compared to disaster relief. If we let our opposition collapse like Ponchartrain levees, we all know what will rush through the gaps.

Here's a question I haven't even heard asked: the '06 elections are barely a year away. The only two Democrats in the 5-member Louisiana House delegation represent--you guessed it--New Orleans. Think about that one for awhile.

Is this cold--"ooh, how can you think about tawdry politics when peee-pul are dyyyyy-ing?" Yeah, it probably is, at least when we do it. Tough shit.

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