Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Some questions for Inerrant Boy 

The Amazin' Froomkin (how is it even possible that the man is still at large) has some rather pointed questions for Dear Leader:

Bush hasn't taken more than a few questions at a time from the press corps in almost three and a half months -- since May 31.

But even in his short press availabilities, it would be worth trying to get meaningful answers about his state of mind. Because how he personally feels about the crisis and whether or not he shares the concerns of so many Americans is turning into a key issue. And ducking those sorts of questions is harder.

So here are some questions that might be more fruitful than others:
  • Sir, what were your personal feelings when you first grasped the enormity of what had happened along the Gulf Coast? And about when was that?
  • Sir, apparently many African Americans believe that the federal government was slow in rescuing people stranded in New Orleans because many of those people were black and poor. I know you've denied that was the case, but do you understand why they might feel that way?


  • Sir, you've said countless times that you don't govern based on the polls. But can you explain the polls? You are not a popular president anymore. How do you think that happened?
  • Sir, it is increasingly said that you operate in a bubble, sealing yourself away from dissenting voices, and on those rare occasions that people tell you bad news, you yell at them. Doesn't that make it harder for you to make intelligent decisions?

(via WaPo)

Hard to add to that... Then again, readers?

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