Wednesday, September 14, 2005

So why pay $49.95 to the Times when there's WaPo 

Froomkin, once more... Is "lays the smackdown" the right expression? Again, how is it that Froomkin is still at large, walking the streets? Why hasn't he had an "accident," or been the target of a Republican slime operation? Could it be the worms are finally turning?

puzzling exchange between Bush and reporters in Bush's afternoon photo op.

"Asked about Mr. Brown's resignation after he toured a school in Mississippi on Monday afternoon, Mr. Bush declined to comment. He told reporters, 'Maybe you know something we don't know.'

"He pointedly brushed off questions about how Mr. Brown and the administration had handled the storm, saying 'don't ask me again' about the subject."

But, Stevenson writes: "Scott McClellan, the White House spokesman, later told reporters aboard Air Force One on the trip back to Washington that Mr. Bush was informed on Monday morning of Mr. Brown's resignation but was not sure when asked about it whether the decision had been made public."

Several reporters and bloggers jumped on Bush's statement as an admission of ignorance -- and therefore as a symptom of his detachment. But in fact, it was more a symptom of his duplicity.
(via WaPo)

I guess Froomkin isn't looking for many dinner invitations from the Kewl Kidz ...

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