Friday, September 02, 2005

The Skippy Challenge 

No, this is not a post about peanut butter.

skippy, my absolutely favorite bush kangaroo, responded so smartly to my recent post bemoaning George W.'s incredible statement that "No one anticipated the breaching of the levees," that I thought it needed wider currency.
look, nobody could know that they'd use airplanes as missiles either.

and who could predict that a permanent tax cut for the upper 1% would result in the biggest deficit in history?

and nobody ever foresaw iraq falling into civil war once saddam was taken out.

really, what do you expect? leadership?

by the way, cnn is already on the case of (is the guy's name forchetti?) the guy who said in 2001 that this would happen without more fortification of the levees.
If anyone has any info on who this guy is, please let us know in comments; googling that name didn't give me the answer.

Okay, so here's "the skippy challenge" issued to liberal/left bloggers and commenters to meet skippy's personal $100 contribution to the Red Cross in the name of all we hold dear as Americans, especially our bonds to one another. Unlike Hugh Hewitt, skippy will acknowledge you by name in his blog, and as the challenge has progressed, skippy has made clear that sliding scale contributions are acceptable for those with lesser incomes to no incomes. To find out more, click here, and then scroll up; lots of great stuff by skippy and his crew to look at and read.

A great concept and the graphic to express is to be found at Agitprop; this is one you won't want to miss; the link is courtesy of The Heretik, who has all manner of current stuff you should check out.

Mustang Bobby, blogging at "Bark, Bark, Woof,Woof," has a wonderful post analyzing Bush's first speech upon returning to Washington.

We need to remember speeches like this one, and those other of his sayings not part of one those prepared speeches that feature soaring, if empty rhetoric. Come to think of it, this administration has accumulated an astonishing number of pithy, quotable idiocies, most of which have turned out to be lies, and even when not, unhelpful and foolish. If anyone is up for starting a list, well, that's what comment threads are for.

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