Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Shit, shit, shit. Goddamit. 

Sorry for my absence. I am dismally bummed out about the demise of New Orleans. It was one of the favorite cities of my youth, as a budding young blues and jazz player wannabe and fan of Creole culture, and I have tried to make it back often since.

No more jazz in the park? No more Jazz and Heritage Festival? No more drinking and fishing and playing music along the levee and the streets? No more eating that fine, fine fiery food at the little dives along the lake, listening to Zydeco and drinking Dixie beers?

No more Mardi Gras? I’m not talking about the French Quarter. My favorite places were always the ones that are now drowned, my favorite crowd to hang out with the ones who are now dead or displaced, not the touristy joints (unless someone I had to see was gigging).

Shit, shit, shit. All gone. Because of an incompetent government.

And on Labor Day weekend, too, with the harvest starting to get in full swing. Let me tell you, aside from making plans to help with relief, it was a solemn day at the Union Hall. Even the picnic was no picnic.

Gotta get back to boots on the ground. Trying to raise money for the relief. Local public radio’s letting me on some. Trying to make sure this influences everyone’s ’06 voting plans. Hope everyone else is, too. Maybe New Orleans will rise again and we’ll run these smarmy scumsuckers out of office.

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