Friday, September 16, 2005

President Toolittletoolate Swings into action on disaster plans 

What did it take to get this man's attention? Thousands of deaths, that's what. Four years, and one election cycle, after 9/11! Unbelievable? All too believable

Disaster planning must be a "national security priority," he said, while ordering the Homeland Security Department to undertake an immediate review of emergency plans in every major American city.

"Our cities must have clear and up-to-date plans for responding to natural disasters and disease outbreaks or a terrorist attack, for evacuating large numbers of people in an emergency and for providing the food and water and security they would need," Bush said.
(via AP)

And notice, not a word about doing a little prevention—like protecting America's port cities from loose nukes.

Hey, what are the odds the Republicans are actually going to fund this mandate? New York is still waiting for the rest of its 9/11 money!

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