Saturday, September 03, 2005

Piratization of Emergency Management 

Stuck at home by the gas prices over a long weekend? Want to do a little Citizen Journamalising?

Go here: Lenin's Tomb.

No, I am not suggesting a quick vacation to Moscow. This site, evidently run by a Brit, has got a spectacular catch on something I haven't seen anywhere else (other than the Atrios comment thread where alert citizen Pooleside provided this link.)

It seems that a Baton Rouge company called IEM Inc. got a half-million dollar FEMA contract to devise and run the emergency services plan for a catastrophic hurricane striking New Orleans. I think it is may not be entirely premature to to say this idea may have had some shortcomings.

Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of discovery! Lenin's Tomb has the links to the press releases. From there google your little hearts out. Track the names of management and find their ties to the Bush/Cheney '00 and '04 campaigns, because as we've clearly seen that's how the regime judges one's qualifications for contracts like this.

And since a half a mil seems just a tad inadequate for even a plan for a response to a disaster on this scale, see what other siphons they may have had dipped in the gummint money pool. Tentacles everywhere, me hearties...

(Yeah, I'm gonna be working on this too, but I have other projects running concurrently and can't give it full time for awhile. And this needs speed before all the links suddenly go all 404 on us.)

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