Saturday, September 10, 2005

Michael Brown: Made To Order Punching Bag? 

Does it occur to anyone else that the refusal to fire Michael Brown has less to do with that vaunted Bush family loyality and more to do with a typical Rovian strategy, i.e., to provide an alternate target for those slings and arrows of outrageous, unearned misfortune being promulgated by the liberally-besotted MSM against the wholly innocent Bush administration?

Second question: If that is the case, should we be playing their game by continuing to pile on to the already overly cooked goose Michael Brown has become?

Just asking?

Any thoughts bloggers and commentators?

Third question, not necessarily related to the first two. Does anyone else think that Mr. Cheney looked diffrent in those pictures of him visiting the disaster areas? Did he looked bloated, as if he might be taking some sort of powerful medication, like steriods. I'm not trying to suggest anything other than that his absence might have been due to his on-going major health problems. Any medical personnel care to comment?

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