Friday, September 09, 2005

Katrina: The shrill one 


Maybe I'm confused. Can someone tell me how else Bush can be held responsible and acountatable for the Katrina Clusterfuck other than through the political system? Because that's what "politicizing means." What other means would the Republicans suggest than "politicizing"? The power of prayer? Armed insurrection? Giant puppets? Help us out, here, Republicans! How would you hold our CEO President responsible and accountable for Katrina?

Finger pointing:

Ever read Zola's J'Accuse? Now that's fingerpointing. Until such time as we can develop a Vast Fingerpointing Machine that Zola's caliber, the Republicans and their shills should stop whining. They ain't seen nuthin' yet.

The Shrill One weighs in once again. After discussing the eerie and disturbing parallels between the two ginormous clusterfucks, Iraq and Katrina (back, he gets to the bottom line:

Why did the administration make the same mistakes twice? Because it paid no political price the first time.

Can the administration escape accountability again? Some of the tactics it has used to obscure its failure in Iraq won't be available this time. The reality of the catastrophe was right there on our TV's, although FEMA is now trying to prevent the media from showing pictures of the dead. And people who ask hard questions can't be accused of undermining the troops.

But the other factors that allowed the administration to evade responsibility for the mess in Iraq are still in place. The media will be tempted to revert to he-said-she-said stories rather than damning factual accounts. The effort to shift blame to state and local officials is under way. Smear campaigns against critics will start soon, if they haven't already. And raw political power will be used to block any independent investigation.

Will this be enough to let the administration get away with another failure? Let's hope not: if the administration isn't held accountable for what just happened, it will keep repeating its mistakes. Michael Brown and Michael Chertoff will receive presidential medals, and the next disaster will be even worse.
(via Paul Krugman in the Times)

History does repeat itself, doesn't it? First time as tragedy, second time as... Well, tragedy.

It really is a fight to the finish, isn't it?

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