Monday, September 12, 2005

Katrina: Say a prayer for the common foot soldier 

Spare a thought for his back breaking work:

Mike Brown, the subject of blistering criticism after Hurricane Katrina battered the Gulf Coast and overwhelmed the government's response, quit Monday as director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The White House moved quickly to replace him, installing a top agency official with three decades of firefighting experience as acting director.
(via AP)

Altogether now: A-w-w-w-w!

Yes, Mike "Heckuva Job" Brown transgressed the unwritten law: So they nailed his head to the floor.

Hey, and maybe someone could tell why Bush waited 'til after the Katrina clusterfuck to appoint a FEMA director with actual experience in emergencies, as opposed to one with experience judging Arabian horses?

Back to Republican governance: It's almost like they deliberately stress government to the breaking point, and then past it. Only when it breaks, and then only if anyone notices, do they fix what they broke to begin with. That's what happened with the Army in Iraq, and that's what happened with Katrina.

The only problem is, that there are people who's lives depend on government working—and in the case of disaster, that could be any of us.

Bush and his backers have bunkers and gated communities to retreat to. We don't. So when the Republicans break the government—they can kill us.

UPDATE Rushing to leave the house, I forgot to link back to Riggsveda's post on Republican governance here. "Elect us and we'll prove it," indeed.

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