Saturday, September 03, 2005

Help the Anntichrist help Louisiana 

Direct aid ~ Via Bob Geiger at Yellow Dog Blog:
Our sisters at BlondeSense are takin' it to the streets and delivering goods straight to people in Louisiana... And I don't mean sending money -- Joanna (Anntichrist S Coulter) of BlondeSense blog has been shopping for supplies and delivering them to shelters in Baton Rouge which are severely running out of supplies. She also plans to get to New Orleans by Monday to work with Habitat for Humanity and deliver more supplies personally to various shelters. [more details, read full post HERE]

Go see Joannie in Looziani (Anntichrist S Coulter) at BlondeSense
New Orleans, as I've said, will always be my home, no matter where I lay my head. St. Bernard Projects, the 8th Ward, the 9th Ward, Irish Channel, Broadmoor... I've lived in all of those neighborhoods and more,...


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