Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Goodnight, moon 

I ought to be trying to chew off a limb from Stealthy John Roberts right now, but I'm tired. All those people throwing champagne glasses into the fireplace up in the library of The Mighty Corrente Building, night after night... It keeps me tired.

But seriously. Haven't we learned never to give Bush the benefit of the doubt? That when we do, it's always worse than we ever imagined could be possible?

So, why should it be any different with Roberts? (Don't forget that when Roberts was in Reagan's Solicitor General's office, under Ken Starr of blessed memory, that he was a political appointee. That means that all of the claims of privilege are horseshit. In fact, horse-they-rode-in-on shit. So, um, could it be there's some reason why the Republicans won't release the Reagan papers? I mean, release the ones that Bush's lawyers haven't lost or censored....

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