Friday, September 02, 2005


At least these lovely individuals didn't get linked, like Pat "Jesus Says Take 'im Out" Robertson's "Operation Blessings" did, on the White House donations website:

(via WaPo's Brian Krebs)
Suspicious Web pages supposedly raising money for Gulf Coast relief efforts keep springing up about as fast as authorities can shut them down. The latest are www.hurricanekatrinapics.com, www.hurricanekatrinarelief.com and www.katrinadamage.com, all of which ask for Paypal donations but do not make any claims that the money collected will benefit any relief organizations.

All three sites are registered to a company in New Orleans called Ideas Inc., which according to a LexisNexis search is owned by a guy named Bruce C. Henry. The latest records yielded by the search indicate its charter was revoked by the Louisiana secretary of state several years ago. I am told the handlers over at the SANS Internet Storm Center are working to get this site and several others like it shuttered. I am happy to report that all of the sites we mentioned in yesterday's post have been closed down.
It takes a village to stomp a weasel. Stomp liberally on anyplace you see linking to these folks.

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