Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Department of Changing the Subject: When Bush said, "Send cash money," He wasn't kidding, was he? 

Following up on Xan's post immediately below:

Dispossessed victims of Hurricane Katrina will receive debit cards good for $2,000 to spend on clothing and other immediate needs.

Michael Brown, the embattled director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, said those eligible for the unprecedented debit cards would be permitted to use the money "for emergency supplies they need" such as clothing. "The concept is to get them some cash on hand which allows them, empowers them to make their own decisions about what do they need to have to repair their own lives," he said.
(via AP)

I guess Bush thinks money can win him respect....

Meanwhile, New Orleans has been sealed off from the press. I wonder why?

NOTE On the one hand, "empower them." On the other, "emergency supplies that they need." Anyone know of debit card technology that works only on clothing? (RIFDs?)

UPDATE Shut up and take the money, lady:

There are dead babies tied to poles and they're dragging us out and leaving the dead babies. That ain't right!" she screamed, waving her arms as she was directed onto a troop carrier truck.

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