Thursday, September 08, 2005

Can't we all just get along? (Well, no) 

This from alert reader Sonoma in comments:

I had long assumed there to be no such thing as a political finish fight in this country. That is, the hackneyed "pendulum" of democratic give-and-take would ulimately right the equally hackneyed "ship of state".

I never believed that, mind you, merely trusted that to be true.

That trust is gone, and for one reason.

By my lights, the country was Big Lied into waging war. I cannot fathom why those in congress have acquieced in that treason. I am stunned at their casual treachery to this country, to humanity. They lack the simple courage to speak a simple truth: there was no breakdown in intelligence gathering, the intelligence was cooked.

This is not the nation I once knew. Probably never was. I wish I could say I feel the wiser for that understanding, but I don't. Just disoriented, and deeply sad.

"Fight to the finish..."

It would be nice if some Beltway Dem, any Beltway Dem, would recognize what's going on and fight back—for the sake of the poor, the old, the black, the sick who died in New Orleans because of deliberate, considered decisions by the Republicans who will, quite shortly, begin to profit by the deaths. (Say, another reminder of Iraq, eh?)

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