Sunday, September 04, 2005

Buck Stops at the Top 

I get annoyed listening to the press ask poor General Honore about the pathetic disaster effort of the last few days. It isn't his fault the administration and FEMA fucked it up so bad, so please just ask him for updates on what's going on right now.

Do you know who you should be asking these questions, even more than Chertoff or Brownie the Horse Man? How about President Bush? Ask him those questions! Why were people still dying on Friday during your visit, Mr. President? Why are you going back tomorrow to have more photo ops and potentially be one of the reasons that more people die, Mr. President?

As Greg Mitchell has put it, this is "My Pet Goat -- the Sequel":
While the 9/11 “My Pet Goat” episode was certainly illuminating, it’s not certain what might have worked out better that day had the president dropped the book and taken action. But his failure to grab the reins in the hurricane catastrophe for three days this week probably doomed hundreds, or more, to death.

This is not mere incompetence, but dereliction of duty. The press should call it by its proper name.
(via E&P)

And he should be asked about it.


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