Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Blind Begin To See, The Deaf To Hear 

Americans gather in preparation for the presidential press conference.

Bush finally sinks below 40% approval rating in 2 polls:
    1. Ipsos-AP 39% overall approval, 59% disapproval; and
    2. Newsweek 38% overall approval, 55% disapproval.
Ruy Texiera at Donkey Rising has more good news:
"Other polls report approval ratings that are exactly at 40 percent or only slightly above: Pew Research Center (40 percent in two different polls, September 6-7 and September 8-12); Zogby (41 percent); CBS News, Time/SRBI and Washington Post/ABC News (all at 42 percent). (Note that in the ABC poll, the 57 percent who disapprove of Bush’s job performance includes 45 percent who strongly disapprove, an amazing finding.)"
He concludes with a bit from E.J.Dionne that is simply heart-warming, but his own conclusion isn't bad either:
"So: the public now has a negative view of Bush’s job performance overall and in every area, including handling the war on terror, and has lost faith in Bush’s special qualities as a leader. What’s left? Not much. The bond between Bush and the American people has clearly been broken, perhaps irrevocably. An administration that was once defined in the public eye with competence and patriotism is now associated with cronyism and incompetence of the worst sort."
Too bad it took untold torment and needless deaths yet uncounted to get it through our thick skulls.

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