Friday, September 09, 2005

Because That's What Friends Are For: Doormats 

Vancouver Sun, 9/8/05, p. A6:
The team was also singled out for praise Wednesday by United States Ambassador David Wilkins, who gave Canada top marks for helping victims of Hurricane Katrina.

"Many countries have offered help. Nobody more so than Canada. You are at the top of the list and for that, we will always by grateful," Wilkins told the Vancouver Board of Trade....

"In times like this you learn who your friends are, and Canada is a dear friend."

Vancouver Sun, same day, p. C1:
United States Ambassador David Wilkins told Vancouver business leaders Wednesday there will be no end to the softwood lumber dispute until Canada agrees to negotiate a settlement....

"Friends negotiate, they don't retaliate," he said....

Asked why the U.S. was not willing to follow the latest NAFTA ruling that delivered a clear win to Canada,... Wilkins said the NAFTA ruling was based on a 2002 duty determination that has since been rewritten.

"Since then it was superceded by a 2004 ruling and that's the ruling we operate under," he said. "The point is this: It never ends."
The United States: we make the rules. We just don't play by them.

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