Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Why Couldn't We? 

The levee protecting it burst open across a 2-block length, under the strain of the floodwaters in Lake Ponchartrain, and now 80% of New Orleans is underwater.

Over 75,000 are in shelters.

Volunteers from everywhere are lining up to go down there and help out.

Think of what could be accomplished if millions of people could be mobilized to pitch in and rebuild the devastated areas? Why can't we have a national service that would require a yearly week's worth of time from everyone to be spent on civic works, time that could be job-protected, and supported with stipends, and that would exempt people from their financial and professional obligations for that period? Think what we could do to repair our infrastructures, or bring needed services to people who can't afford them, or enhance and expand our arts and sciences?

When you think of how easily and painlessly the country turned out millions of dollars and thousands of gallons of blood overnight after 9/11, it seems an utter waste of resources not to rally all that goodwill and potential for civic service.

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