Thursday, August 25, 2005

What DIgby said 


I have never been much of a revolutionary. Even when I was young I tended to cringe at any kind of earnest, "to the barricades" kind of thinking. I tend to think in smaller strategic and tactical terms rather than large sweeping movements. However, I have come to realize that this is one of those times when something has to happen from the ground up. Washington has become a kind of aristocrisy, with all the attendant inbred, insular, corruption that eventually befalls a ruling elite.

The biggest sickness in our politics is this top down, elitist mentality in which people are fed a diet of information, entertainment, products and ideas that are focus grouped, soulless and commercial --- and which are then filtered through a ruling media class that is so psychologically cramped, so emotionally sterile, so stuck in their own feedback loop that they are presenting a totally distorted version of reality. It's important that we look elsewhere for wisdom and leadership.
(via Digby)

Two, three, many Cindy Sheehans!

But and also: We need to start avoiding the "focus grouped, soulless, and commercial" wherever it is found, not just in politics as it is conventionally understood. That goes for food, music, sex, even money—experiences and emotions we all share that become "psychologically cramped" and "emotionally sterile" to the extent that we have allowed our minds and hearts and tastes to be colonized by the large corporations that the Republicans service. (I think a Christian might call these artificial persons "thrones and dominions.") Cramped and sterile for us, but very very profitable for them. I think this goes for everybody, cockroach people or not.

Dammit, a real tomato tastes better than a corporate tomato, no matter what. And every single one of us eats a tomato one at a time. Plus, when you go to a farmer's market, you're helping the farmers as against the factory farms, and you're getting to talk to people, too.

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