Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Trash-TV: great moments in sports programming 

In case you didn't think the hebrephenic-like entertainment media gentry who conjure up stupid new crap for people to stare at on the boob-toob could get any more inane, imbecilic, loutish, dull-witted, obnoxious, or just generally altogether plain-speakin' stupid - consider this slated idiot box blast off:
Coming Soon: Bob Knight, the Reality Star | By RICHARD SANDOMIR Published: August 9, 2005

Knight is loud, successful, demanding, profane and temperamental - just the type of alpha male who would rile his housemates in "Big Brother." He makes funny faces, is known to have tossed a chair and was seen on videotape choking one of his players, Neil Reed, during practice in 1997. - more via the NYTimes (login not required)

Yes! A "reality star" who is for all utile purposes a certifiable jackass. Hot damn!, what a concept. I can't believe no-one has ever thought of something like this before. What will they think of next... Hey, how about a show about this loud, successful, demanding, profane and tempermental jackass who riles his "housemates" and is appointed UN Ambassador!

mr p-nissSpeaking of loutish, profane and temperamental: Mr P-Niss intends to try out for Mr. Bobby's alpha male bounceball team. Because Mr P-Niss can bounce two balls at once. And, to make matters even more appealing to the target demographic, Mr P-Niss actually enjoys being choked from time to time. Granted Mr. P-Niss would prefer to be throttled by Miss V-Niss rather than subjected to the funny faces of an a-niss from Tex-iss during prac-tiss...but hey, its TV.... it's E-ESS-P-N! And aything Mr P-Niss can do to help TV deliver groundbreaking documentary reality to more Americans is, well, the least Mr P-Niss can do.

After all, we are at war, somewhere, so I'm told, and we each need to make sacrifices.


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