Saturday, August 13, 2005

Toss Me a Bone Over the Fence, Willya? 

So now the governor of NM—Bill Richardson, a “Democrat,” unlike Owens of CO who is unabashedly a right wing loonie—has declared a state of emergency along the border with Mexico. This, he says, will allow them to build new, bigger, more hazardous fences than already exist, along with other goodies designed to draw the line in the sand ever deeper. Ahhh, treaties. (I’m thinking Guadalupe-Hidalgo, here) As any Native American will tell you, treaties ain’t worth spit.

Howard Zinn is right in his recent attacks on nationalism (see The Progressive). Build the fences ever higher and higher, but make sure to suck the profits dry from the poor on the other side. The fences with CAFTA will be more metaphorical but just as real. Speaking of The Progressive and Mexico, in case you missed this in the June issue:

The small town off El Alberto, in central Mexico, has built an obstacle course that mimics crossing the border illegally into the United States. For $13.50, tourists scramble down trails, wade in a river, and try to dodge La Migra. If the mock migrants are caught, their hands are tied behind their backs, and they are loaded onto trucks. “Some get very scared,” says guide Ponciano Alfonso Martinez Flores. “They say they don’t want to play anymore.”

Me, either. I’m tired of playing. We must run these leeches out of office in ’06, me hearties. Viva la gente!

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