Saturday, August 13, 2005

Suggestion for Cindy Sheehan 

From alert reader ck:

How about planting 1800 white crosses across the road from Cindy's ditch -- each one inscribe with a name of dead soldier?

Just so Dear Leader could see them every time he passes -- and the world could see the wing nuts descrating the memorials to the fallen.

It won't affect Bush, of course; he's a sociopath. But it might make the issue very concrete for the people who see it.

UPDATE This looks like good coverage: Crawford's The Lone Star Iconoclast. Apparently the counter-protestors melted in the Hellmouth heat....

UPDATE OTOH, maybe Keep It Simple, Stupid is the right idea. I keep thinking about the event, but isn't the real point Sheehan's questions? And the lack of answers? So, that's the message. Damn, I got seduced by my own giant puppet concept. I have met the Giant Puppet Loons, and they are me!

UPDATE Remember the purported letter from a relative of Cindy Sheehan that The Oxycontin Kid read over the air? Will Bunch did some digging, and it turns out the letter is of dubious provenance. I haven't been over to Attytood in awhile, and it's lookin' good—throwing that red meat!

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