Friday, August 12, 2005

St. Jerry & Jesus the Lawn Jockey 

Tony Norman is an oft-overlooked columnist for the Pittsburgh Post-Dispatch. Today he takes a calm, dispassionate look at Radical Cleric Jerry Falwell's latest crusade (aka Fundraising Pitch) which Reverend J. calls "Vote Christian in 2008!"

(Not to give away any hints, but the major target of this mailing is a certain New York senator, so powerful in Eeee-vil that merely trying to speak her name caused her prospective Republican opponent to be stricken mute for almost a half a minute on live TV the other day.)

But Tony's larger topic is the Radical Rev's overall take on things: (via PP-G)
The sentimental history of America as imagined by Christian fundamentalists like Falwell has always been an interesting diversion from real life. If it weren't such a proven money-maker for cynical preachers whose talent for fleecing the credulous can never be underestimated, it would be laughable in its heretical audacity.

Jesus as preached from far too many pulpits on Sunday morning is nothing more than the sanctified lawn jockey of a resurgent American empire. He isn't even accorded the dignity of questioning the assumptions of the political and religious operators that have appropriated him as their official mascot.

...The Jesus that many Christians want to parade in the American public square like an organ-grinder's monkey will mostly be called upon to bless football games, debutante balls and occasional military incursions into hostile Islamic countries.

...Vote Christian so that the sanctity of life will be absolute and that godly men will always be in place to ensure that our nuclear arsenal is second to none in its destructive capability.
Can ah heer an AYE-men!

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