Sunday, August 21, 2005

Sounds of Silence, Sounds of Lies 

So I'm over at MSNBC looking for something else entirely, and I run across this item, which is datelined from Pittsburgh, PA:
Two women protesting the war in Iraq were taken to a hospital Saturday after police broke up an unauthorized march involving about five dozen people on a busy one-way street near an Army recruiting station.

Sgt. Clint Winkler, a supervisor on duty, told The Associated Press that one woman who would not leave was subdued with a Taser. He also confirmed that a police dog bit another woman on the leg when she refused police orders to disperse. Both women and a man involved in the march were arrested, Winkler said.

“They were told to disperse, peacefully disperse, and failed to do so, so we started down the sidewalk — officers in front, K-9’s behind us, and started pushing the crowd down the sidewalk,” Winkler said. He said the march broke up after the arrests.

The recruiting station was not open at the time.
Now we will momentarily overlook the Abu Graib/Gitmo-style use of force--TASERS AND POLICE DOGS FOR GOD's SAKE--against what are said to be some 60 people with the temerity to peaceably assemble and petition the government for redress of grievances, outside an office that wasn't even open, goddamit. But this is a wire service/AP report of an incident. Let's first see how the local media covered this event:

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Go. Look. Seek. You will find...


Not one single word on the front page of their website about this event, as of 11:11 AM CDT anyway.

I was originally going to rant about the papers that ran the headline "Patriotic Camp Counters Peace Mom Protest" but apparently the AP already caught a good deal of shit about this and changed "Patriotic" to "War Backers." (Not everybody got with the program, ex. front page of Atlanta Journal-Constitution) You get the feeling there's a fight going on at the wheel of the Titanic?

NOTE: Edited to put the damn "h" on Pittsburgh, which should have been removed way back when they took the "h's" off all the other "burg" towns, dammit.

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