Thursday, August 18, 2005

Posse Potentatus: The Crawford Caliph rides shotgun 

Muskogee Phoenix (Oklahoma) columnist Mary deJuliis describes visit to Camp Casey:

It was a very diverse crowd that gathered to support Cindy and protest the Iraq War in Camp Casey. The group changed as people had to return to their jobs and new people arrived. There were groups and organizations there that represent military families, several who had also lost loved ones in Iraq, some with family members currently serving in Iraq or shipping out soon.


There is no way I can express my feelings to the families of all 1,841 KIAs (the count when I left for Crawford,) so I paid my respects to Cindy and the other grieving moms and wives who I found at Camp Casey. I was very moved by the more than 1,841 white crosses that lined the side of the country road from the campsite back towards Crawford. Each one represented a fallen soldier. They were placed along the side of the road, three or four back, and went for about a mile. Each cross or star of David had a soldier's name. They were hard to look at going as far as the eye could see to a bend in the road without thinking of your own children. And there are so many soldiers who have come home injured. War isn't a video game. It isn't a movie. They don't get back up when it's over.

The president had to pass the crosses and protestors when he attended a GOP fundraiser Friday afternoon (Aug. 12) at a nearby ranch. We protestors were backed farther away from the road, roped off with police tape for about four hours with Secret Service, state and county law enforcement officers. A helicopter flew overhead lower than others that we were accustomed to. The helicopter had an agent riding outside with a weapon trained on us, but once the motorcade passed he moved on as well. The motorcade went by us twice very fast, and a few of the vehicles had rifles pointed out open windows. I was thankful no one made any sudden moves.

Oh, now I get it; dove hunting. het, het, het - group smirk!

Read entire column here: Muskogee Phoenix

And this, via Dan Froomkin (WaPo), an excerpt of an exchange between CNN White House reporter Dana Bash and anchor Paula Zahn:
"BASH: In a word, no, there is nothing new and at this point there are no plans for the president to meet with her [Sheehan]. And, in talking to White House officials, they say it's about setting precedent.

"They say that this is where the president is going to live forever and this is his home and that ironically or I should say actually surprisingly no one has ever done this before. He's been here for four-plus years and no one's ever tried this and they don't want to set a precedent.

"They don't want to say, yes, he will meet with somebody because they're protesting outside his ranch because they say that that could encourage other people to do it.

Source: Froomkin/WaPo/"Hurricane Cindy", (page 3).

See, it's like this: Dear WarLord & Co. is apparently under the impression that you know who is going to carry on as you know what (Supreme Precedent), uh, forever. Like totally! Forever and ever.... Yoiks. (As if anyone is going to give a hot-shit-goddammed where the stupid son-of-bitch flitters off to once he departs -forever - his current oily foremost perch.)


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