Sunday, August 14, 2005

Lookin' in on the Broken Spoke 

Goin-a-grievin'. Goin' next door. To the Broken Spoke.

Widiot Inside

Gotta love yer neighbor like you love yerself. Do me some neighborly grievin'. Get me some neighborly love. Sizzlin' outside! Hot. Get me some-a-that hot sizzlin' bar-bee-que. Outside. Yep, raise some dough-nations too, *het, het*. Hard work!

Turn some corners. I like turnin' corners. I likes puttin' that bar-bee-Q food on my family too.

There's that mother from the tv set. I don't like the looks of her or that treason camp there. Scares me. Tryin' to ask me some question about sumpin'.

See, it's like this: there's only one person who hugs the mothers and the widdahs, ...and that's me, and I know what it's like. I'm a mother hugger. Peeple trying to make me look bad on tv in front of the pee-pull. Tryin' to diss-rupt my vay-ca-shun. Don't look at her Laura!...

I'll do the grievin' round here... just pretend ya don't see her there... stay the course! Hard work. Steady now... doin' the hard work... goin' to the neighbors to do some hard work... pro-tectin' the family...

Need me some pills. Gimme me some pills! - Altoid boy! Where's Altoid boy! ...feelin' funny here. Like when I'm ridin' my bike and start loosin' my motor skeels. Sweatin' a couple bullets here... mouth feelin' a little droop-EE. Hoo-boy... stay the course... easy does it... gotta -- stay -- the -- course..... get some Bar-B-Q... some lemonade. Think funny thoughts... turdblossom... *het, het, het,*.... turdblossom, that is a funny soudin' word ain't it... I like that song too, what's it called, the "Turdblossom Special"... yeah, I like that... that's a good song...

Sceery world out there. Terr'ist. People who hate us fer our - freedum. Hate us fer our freedum en are stuff. See: I'm a come-PASH-nit - I'm a come-PASH-nit - con-serv'tive. Hard work. Settin' big goals. Doin' hard work. My shee-rona. My Scotty has a pretty face... yeah...that...that there treason camp just goes on and on and on don't it... Who are these people anyway... why ain't they throwin' rice and rosewater at my... my MOTOR-cade? Weren't they screened before they was allowed into Texas? Who screened these people? Evil doers tryin' to under-mine my REE-solve. I do have some experience on border defense. After all, that was my unit's mission. Still, be a lot easier if I was the dick-tator instead a crazy Uncle Dick. No one followin' Uncle Dick around a'tryin' to sceer 'im... questioning his bold vision... challengin' his strategery... makin' him talk to sceeeery mothers. Hold me Barney! Atta good boy... heh, heh.... we'll get through this... turn the corner... turn the corner with me Jeeziss.....

There's the Broken Spoke Ranch right up there! Right there straight up ahead! Stay the course driver.... stay the course... stay the cooorse! -- steady as she goes, almost home free... home free on the range... Gonna get me some BAR-B-Q and some cream corn. I like me that cream corn too. Skim me off me some creamy donations while I'm at it. Smoke some con-tree-butions outta some holes... spell out a few bold new initiatives... help clear some brush from some a-them numbered offshore accounts while I'm at it...*het, het*

Drivin' right up the dusty drive-WAY now... here we go... end of the trail... and.... here we is. Schweet!

NOT lookin' for-werd to that ride home none neither... but... here we is... we is here anyways... Mission - Accomplish'd...! *het, het, het* ~ *snicker, snicker, snicker*.


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