Monday, August 29, 2005

Like Cornish Pilchards 

HURRICANE KATRINA This is where about 8,000+ of New Orleans' poorest residents have taken shelter, in the Superdome. The NYTimes reports now even that imposing structure is taking damage from Katrina:
"Strips of metal were peeled away, creating two holes that were visible from the floor of the huge arena. Water dripped in and people were moved away from about five sections of seats directly below.
Others watched as sheets of metal flapped visibly and noisily. From the floor, more than 19 stories below the dome, the openings appeared to be 6 feet long."
They're stuck sitting in the stadium seats because the authorities don't want to risk the possibility that the field may flood, which will start to get damned old in about 24 hours. I thought it odd that they closed the dome at 11 p.m. last night for "curfew"---what happens if someone didn't make it there in time? Did they just leave them stuck outside?

God help these folks, and all the rest down there.

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